domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Costa Rica Photos

This are some pictures I took of Costa Rica.. I´ll have more soon..

If you liked some of these photos please put a link to this article thanks.
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(down on the post) I took the pictures from this website.. Costa Rica Gallery

costa rica

costa rica


Travel To Costa Rica Home


Travel To Costa Rica Home

Travel To Costa Rica Home

Arenal Volcano

3 Responses:

Junelle dijo...

Looks like Philippines :)

Costa Rica volcano tours dijo...

Very nice photos! Costa Rica is really beautiful. They were able to protect their rainforest and also the inhabitants there like the various species of animals that are about to be extincts. Same goes for the plants.

Costa Rica rafting dijo...

The view of ..was that Arenal?..with the floating clouds in its mid section, a site to behold!