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Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel
For family trips, school groups, honeymoon, educational Tours

. With a large variety of flora and fauna our clintes enjoy an extraordinary range

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Best trips to Costa Rica

 Costa Rica walkings

Walking down our forests will find a place of wonderful sensations. Our nature helps you to find in the depths of the human being.

Best trips to Costa Rica

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Trips to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel in Paradise visit:

Costa Rica is an extraordinary country for vacation mountains,
landscapes its inhabitants make this country a beautiful place
for resting or visiting with your family.

--Although Costa Rica is a small country, it offers an incredible variety of climates, vegetation, and wildlife.
--Costa Rica also offers many activities that appeal to a wide variety of tourists.
--The impact of the tourism boom has had an impact on the country's economy and environment.
Costa Rica offers such options and opportunities. It takes a professional
to help you understand each site to make your trip a success .Trips to Costa Rica 
to enjoy nature its mountains and beaches its mighty rivers and of course its people.
Join us for a well designed and smooth ride.

Essential Questions
--What plants and animals are found in Costa Rica?
--What are the different regions like?
--What are popular activities for tourists?
--What impact has the tourist boom had on the economy? on the environment?
--What are popular foods in Costa Rica?
--What are its people like?
--What are some popular expressions in Costa Rica?